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Greg Cole

As Founder of Fast Start Safety, Inc. I look forward to putting our team to work for your team.  Whether it’s for one or 1000, we have the experience and knowledge to provide the finest and most current information available to ensure a safe and compliant work environment for you and your employees.

Call us for a quote or to set up a consultation on how “WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT”.
      Greg Cole
     Fast Start Safety, Inc.

About Us

Since 1989 our workers have worked with individual companies, Trade Associations, Worker Compensation and General Liability Insurance Brokers and Carriers, providing them with Loss Control/Risk Management/Safety Compliance assistance.

Our focus has been on both assisting companies in meeting their safety-related goals and educating employees regarding the recognition of hazards in their workplace and how to eliminate unnecessary exposure to them.

Fast Start Safety, Inc. is a Safety Consulting Company focused on the delivery of service solutions in the Safety, Loss Control, Risk Management & Training Arena. We work with our customers to design long-term strategies to develop, implement and maintain an effective safety system, which protects workers and ultimately protects our customer’s bottom-line.

Our approach is simple: Develop long lasting relationships and help companies move their workers in the right direction – toward a safe working environment and everyday safe behavior.   This goal is achieved through solid partnership with entities who believe that everything rises and falls on Leadership – from the top level of management down to the newest employee, there must be “Buy-In”.


In today’s highly competitive business environment an effective, affordable safety program is an absolute essential.  A safe job site not only ensures employee welfare, but is highly mandated by strict state and federal regulation.  Complying with ever-changing injury and illness prevention laws can be a daunting task.







As a full-service OSHA consulting group, Fast Start Safety, Inc. can help your company develop, implement, and maintain an effective safety & health program that not only meets, but exceeds OSHA requirements as part of a system that will help your company achieve a safer work environment. Our years of experience have shaped our unique and effective process of onsite safety training delivered by our highly qualified safety consultants.

Our Successful Approach to Safety Consulting & OSHA Compliance