FAQ - Fast Start Safety
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Q - Where does training take place?

A – Day, night or weekend, we come to you. If you do not have an area large enough to seat the number of students who need training, we can arrange a training facility in your area.

Q - What type of safety training is required for my employees?

A – In general, your employees must be trained to recognize the hazards in their workplace and how to eliminate and avoid unnecessary exposure to them. There are industry-specific topics in which your employees must be trained too. Please contact us for a free consultation regarding your training needs.

Q - Is my company required to have a written safety program?

A – Yes. Some programs are general in nature while others are very specific and task-oriented. We can help you with the development, implementation and maintenance of effective, written safety programs that will keep you in compliance with State and Federal requirements.

Q - My company does not self-perform work. Are we responsible for the safety compliance of our subcontractors on our projects?

A – Yes. Working on a multi-employer job-site has multiple layers of compliance responsibilities. We can help you with that.

Q - What is the cost for Fast Start Safety, Inc.’s services?

A – Fast Start Safety, Inc. prices its services based on numerous factors. Safety should not be thought of as an expense but rather an investment. A recent study published by the National Safety Council determined that for each dollar invested in safety, a three to six dollar return on investment is realized. To get an estimate, please contact us or call us at (562) 697-4900.

Q - Will Fast Start Safety, Inc. work in conjunction with our Worker Compensation and General Liability Insurance carriers to help us in all safety-related aspects of our business?

A – Absolutely! In fact, we have worked with insurance carriers and brokers in the area of loss control/risk management on many levels, for years. Often times we fill in the gaps that are left by carriers while other times we invite them to partner with our efforts to reach a desired coverage goal.

Q - I need a full-time, onsite safety representative for a project. Can Fast Start Safety, Inc. provide that kind of coverage?

A – Yes. We can staff a project of any duration with a qualified safety professional.

Q - Will my company have to sign a long-term contract with Fast Start Safety, Inc. in order to use their services?

A – Absolutely not! We operate from the belief that if you are satisfied with our services, you will continue to use us. We also understand the ebb and flow of certain business models and know that there may be periods of time that your company will not need our services. We do not see the value in holding you captive during your slow periods. We can help develop a plan that makes sense and will be 100% adjustable to your particular situation.

Q - What does it take to get started with Fast Start Safety, Inc.?

A – Getting started is a simple process. One phone call or email is all it takes.

Q - What if I don't find my answer here?

A – Simply use the button below and one of customer representatives will contact you promptly. Thank you.


In today’s highly competitive business environment an effective, affordable safety program is an absolute essential.  A safe job site not only ensures employee welfare, but is highly mandated by strict state and federal regulation.  Complying with ever-changing injury and illness prevention laws can be a daunting task.







As a full-service OSHA consulting group, Fast Start Safety, Inc. can help your company develop, implement, and maintain an effective safety & health program that not only meets, but exceeds OSHA requirements as part of a system that will help your company achieve a safer work environment. Our years of experience have shaped our unique and effective process of onsite safety training delivered by our highly qualified safety consultants.

Our Successful Approach to Safety Consulting & OSHA Compliance